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You can bring lasting change by sending food to a hungry child living in poverty here in Belize.

Your gift today will change a child's life for years to come!

Mahogany Bay Belize

is a proud sponsor of

Feed-A-Child Belize

Feed A Child is a non-profit organization that provides nutritious food, medicine, education, and more, for hungry children living in poverty.

Many of these children are orphans, abused, abandoned, or refugees.

A portion of the profits from your stay will go to

feed hungry children here in Belize.

Please consider donating as well.

Thank you for showing that you care.

feed-a-child belize

Give monthly to a cause you care about

Lasting change begins with you. Monthly giving provides consistent support to children in need here in Belize. It means your donations will be delivering the right solution at just the right time as you help kids lift themselves out of poverty.

And while your gifts are changing lives, you'll love seeing the impact of your generosity through our updates and stories.

Did you know that worldwide, a child dies of hunger every 10 seconds?
For every $12.50 you give, you will be providing food, medicine, and more, for a hungry child for an entire month here in Belize

These children cannot help themselves.

Many are orphans, abused, abandoned, refugees, or are from families who have lost their homes due to natural disasters like fires or floods.
Most are malnourished to the point of stunting their growth, living in grinding poverty in a mud floor hut with just sticks for walls and leaves for a roof.

A child suffering from hunger, violence, disease, and poverty is far more likely to become a victim of human trafficking.

So when you give to feed a malnourished child, you aren't just giving food to the poor - you're giving a child hope, and protection.

And you're giving a child the chance to receive loving care from local ladies who serve in our Feed-A-Child centers.

Your generosity will feed hungry kids nutritious meals and help stop human trafficking!

Your gift today will make a life-long difference in the life of a child!

We can't feed the children without your help, so please give generously.


Children Come First

We focus on helping children overcome poverty - for good.

Feed a child

Targeting Root Causes

Treating poverty's symptoms is temporary. Going after its cause is permanent.

Feed a child


Keeping our costs down means your gifts make the biggest impact possible.


Belize Charity Director

Local Partners

Our local charity partners have been serving in Belize since 1990. Their passion is loving and caring for the children of Belize. Click here to learn more.

Feed A Child


Every day there are children going hungry in our villages. Many kids are severely malnourished. That's why we started our Feed-A-Child program - to stop this crisis.

Feed-A-Child Belize

Children Come First

We focus on helping children overcome poverty - for good. From our Feed-A-Child Centers to our Medical Clinics, the children always come first.

Feed the children

Medical Care

Every year, our Medical Mission treats thousands of children & families who have little-to-no access to medical care, nor the money to buy critical medicine.  

feed a child


Education is the key to stopping the cycle of poverty for the next generation of children. That's why we've built schools in villages that had never had a school.

feed hungry children belize

Stop Human Trafficking

A child suffering from hunger, violence, disease, and poverty is far more likely to become a victim of human trafficking. Your gifts help stop this and protect vulnerable children.


Helping children overcome poverty.

For real. For good.
Since 1990.

For I was

Your gift today will provide food for hungry children here in Belize. 

Photo: Children you are feeding.

The least of

Your gift will go to feed the poorest of the poor, precious children in need.

God bless you for your generosity!

feed a child

Always thankful for
Food and for You

Hungry kids are grateful for the nutritious meals that your gifts provide.

Photo: Girl giving thanks for her food, and for YOU.

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